Albanese and Andrews announce new Moderna mRNA vaccine facility at Monash University


Moderna’s mRNA vaccines are on the verge of getting the ‘made in Melbourne’ stamp with a new manufacturing facility at Monash University.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanian made the announcement Monday morning with the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews.

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Home to Australia’s largest network of RNA and mRNA researchers, the new center at Monash University will produce up to 100 million doses of mRNA vaccine each year.

The 10-year agreement with the federal and state governments will also see Moderna establish its headquarters in Monash and set up a regional research center in Victoria.

Premier Andrews said it was the best science leading to more manufacturing and job opportunities.

“It’s about more jobs, better products, the latest developments, the latest science, better health outcomes, but also confirmation that Melbourne really is the center of science, the center of advanced manufacturing, the center of innovation in our nation, and beyond in our region.

“We can watch [forward] with a sense of confidence, not only for the products that we know will come from this partnership, but for all the possibilities in so many other areas of respiratory medicine, as well as cancer, all kinds of other patients should benefit from it”, said the prime minister.

While the Prime Minister boasted that the “the future is made in Australia,” one of the main lessons of the pandemic being to depend less on other nations.

“…one of the lessons of the pandemic is that we need to be more resilient, we need to be more self-sufficient, and we need to do more things here.

“I said during the campaign that I wanted a future made in Australia”, he said.

In a statement, Mr Albanese said the Covid pandemic had given a “once in a generation” opportunity to protect the nation against future public health crises.

“The pandemic has shown us how important local manufacturing capacity is to our safety and health,” he said.

“This important agreement will protect Australians and Australian sovereignty.”

– Albanian PM

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