Amity University Dubai launches artificial intelligence lab



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Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the way we live, its impact on the world is unimaginable. In order to understand and assess this new technological era, Amity University Dubai has launched an artificial intelligence lab. The AI ​​lab is located in the university’s incubation center, a space dedicated to students who create and develop their innovative start-up ideas.

The lab aims to give students the opportunity to explore the vast potential of this growing field with an emphasis on the research and development of intelligent cognitive systems. Here, students will apply AI to various aspects of our daily lives to improve the way we work and increase our productivity. The interdisciplinary hub will organize discussions, workshops and real-time experiences for school-going students and Amity University Dubai students and faculty from all programs. Through quality research and studies, the University aims to help implement cutting-edge AI approaches in industries and education. Students can also use the teaching and learning tools in the lab to enhance their classroom experience. AI tutors, language support, synthesis, and content generation are some of the many ways the lab aims to support student learning initiatives.

By opening up the AI ​​lab to students of all disciplines, the University wishes to encourage collaboration and welcome diverse ideas across a range of ages and backgrounds. The correct use and application of AI in different industries can improve the future of education and many other fields such as medicine, business, manufacturing, commerce, economics, engineering , design, etc.

“Research and development are essential to the growth and advancement of this nation. We wanted to create a forum for thinkers, while also fostering interest in AI among innovators from all disciplines. AI has the ability to correct the drawbacks and improve human applications across the board. Bringing together talented young minds is key to understanding how we can transform the way we live, work and do business with artificial intelligence, ”said Dr Vajahat Hussain, CEO of Amity Education ME.



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