Arkansas State University System Board Approves Curriculum and Staff Reductions at Henderson State University | KLRT


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ARKADELPHIA, Ark. – Henderson State University will face cuts to undergraduate programs and faculty positions after the Arkansas State University System Board unanimously decided on Thursday to eliminate 12 programs and 88 faculty positions.

According to a plan revealed by Chancellor Chuck Ambrose, the cuts would save the school nearly $5.5 million through 2024.

More than 20 programs will be affected, including early childhood development, social services and criminal justice.

According to the plan, students currently enrolled or about to be enrolled in the relevant study programs will still be able to complete their studies at the university.

In response to the Chancellor’s recommendations, the HSU Faculty Senate voted for a “censure” resolution. According to the no-confidence resolution, the faculty senate said the process for identifying who would be fired had not been properly followed.

To view more information about the Chancellor’s recommendations, visit the Henderson State University website.


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