Bawumia applauds University of Ghana’s One Student, One Laptop Initiative


Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia has backed the University of Ghana Business School’s “One-Student, One-Laptop” initiative, pledging 100 laptops to help fund it. “I am proud that the University of Ghana Business School has taken the initiative to seek sponsorship from private and public companies to help students who may not be able to acquire computers portable on their own,” the vice president said. Dr Bawumia reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to achieving United Nations Development Goal 4, which was to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and encourage lifelong learning opportunities for all , while addressing students and scholars at the school laptop awards ceremony in Accra. A total of 40 laptops were given to students who passed the School’s essay competition.

“The digital revolution is youth driven, so any initiative that would enable youth to be functional in this revolution and move the nation forward in technology and innovation was commendable,” the vice president emphasized. He encouraged other corporate bodies to join the government in making the digital inclusion agenda a reality and thus encouraged alumni of the University to support the laudable initiative. Dr. Bawumia highlighted some of the initiatives that the government had implemented in the education sector, including the Free SHS/TVET policy. , One-Teacher, One-Laptop, and completion of infrastructure to provide free Wi-Fi to 722 high schools, 46 colleges of education, 260 district education offices, and an initial pilot project at 13 public universities .

The overall goal of the One Student, One Laptop initiative was to ensure that every student at the University had a laptop. Vice President Bawumia welcomed the University’s efforts to modernize its teaching and learning environment, saying it was essential to keep pace with global trends and remain relevant and competitive in the field. university. He stressed the need for the University to strengthen the use of technology to improve teaching and learning outcomes for teachers and students in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vice President Bawumia said: “Access to computers is now a basic requirement for students and teachers in the 21st century, which is why the University’s efforts to help your students acquire laptops are so praiseworthy”. “I am aware that the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nana Ama Appiah Amfo, has launched plans for a student and laptop program, and I hear it is already so popular that staff and faculty are pushing for it to be expanded to include components for a personal, laptop and speaker, laptop.

“This is essential to go hand in hand with the continued modernization of teaching and learning facilities, so that the overall student experience at the University is enhanced. “I can assure you that my office and I will support the university to undertake a full digitization of all its processes this year. full digitization at the University of Ghana “I hope that when this is successfully implemented, it will serve as a model for scaling up to other universities in the country,” Dr. Bawumia assured.

This is exactly the way to go! The Vice President was pleased that the University is undertaking a classroom modernization project, which would upgrade classrooms with modern teaching facilities and strengthen existing learning management systems (LMS). “The Government is pleased to lend its support to these initiatives, and I call on businesses to join us and support these laudable efforts of the Vice-Chancellor, to position the University among the elite institutions in Africa and around the world,” he added. “The Pro Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Professor Gordon Awandare, also discussed with me the need for the University to digitize and decentralize all of its academic management and student support systems.

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  • Bawumia applauds University of Ghana’s One Student, One Laptop Initiative
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