Canadian University of Dubai professor inaugurates MEPA’s division of positive psychology



Dr Louise Lambert, Associate Professor of Psychology at the Canadian University of Dubai
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The Middle East Psychology Association (MEPA) has launched a new division in positive psychology to provide a regional platform for research and knowledge exchange in the specialized discipline. The division was opened with a virtual launch event led by Dr. Louise Lambert, chair of the new division and associate professor of psychology at the Canadian University of Dubai (CUD).

The launch comes as a result of exponential growth in the study of psychology in the region and a growing interest in positive psychology in particular. The new division will help raise awareness of the field and understand how it can be adopted and applied in an Islamic context.

Dr Lambert, who is also founder and editor of the Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology, explained: “The study of psychology has flourished in recent years, especially after the onset of the pandemic, which has given everyone time to think about your own personal needs. With this, an acute demand for psychology professionals has emerged in the region, and at the same time, students are increasingly seeing the benefits of pursuing a degree where they can learn about themselves and grow as a individuals and professionals.

She continued, “Positive psychology is a relatively new and traditionally Western concept, which focuses on proactively promoting mental well-being, rather than just treating poor psychological health. The practice is based on PPIs (Positive Psychology Interventions) and there is no cut and paste approach to it, especially in areas like the Middle East, which have such a unique cultural and religious background.

“When we introduced the field to this region, we recognized the need to raise awareness and understand, and this is now growing at a steady rate, with outstanding research results in the field. The new division will continue this momentum by bringing together academics and practitioners from across the region to share scientific evidence, collaborate on research, and increase awareness of positive psychology as an effective intervention.


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Students in CUD’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program will benefit from the growth of MEPA’s network as they will have the opportunity to connect with experts in the profession and access real-world data and studies. case studies to help them develop their practical understanding in the field. The university now also offers every undergraduate student the opportunity to take core psychology courses, to introduce them to a discipline that Dr Lambert says will be critical to success in the future workplace and in the future. the society.

She added, “There is a growing awareness that psychology is an important practice and can impact the health and well-being of nations as a whole. It can help rebuild lives, build positive stories, and promote tolerance and mutual acceptance, which will have long-term effects on social harmony. Any aspiring leader will find that an understanding of psychology is the key to good governance, as it will help them engage their people, whether in business or in society, to build a peaceful and prosperous future.

The Middle East Psychological Association ( is based in Kuwait and headed by Dr Joanne Hands.



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