Certis Launches Corporate University and Signs Memorandum of Understanding with SkillsFuture Singapore, Singapore



SINGAPORE – Certis staff will have the opportunity to attend virtual reality-based safety training courses that will teach them, through simulations, how to manage and react to real-life situations.

This will be possible for those who enroll at the new Certis Corporate University (CCU) which launched on Monday, November 25 at its recently renovated $ 10 million facility at Toh Tuck Terrace.

Students will also learn about application-based security systems such as Argus, which uses facial recognition technology to detect intruders and alert Certis agents, allowing them to respond to potential threats within two minutes.

Certis also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), building on the capacities of the CCU to seek to improve skills and know-how in the security sector, among other objectives.

In addition, the MOU will allow Certis and SSG to help companies reorganize their business processes, improve the skills of their staff and build a talent pool for the security industry.

Particular emphasis will be placed on small and medium-sized enterprises, small security agencies and users of Certis services.

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung, who officially launched the university, said important industry leaders like Certis need to take the lead in transforming the security industry by upgrading workers’ skills and adopting technology.

“While government agencies such as JTC and SSG can play an important catalytic and supporting role, it is industry actors who bring real and lasting change.

“Industry leaders can take the lead and bring other players in the industry and up the value chain,” he said.

He added that it was important for companies like Certis, which he called “Queen Bees”, to take special responsibility for working hard and developing new players in the industry.

“As the SkillsFuture movement grows and evolves, we need to invest more effort in partnering with Queen Bee companies,” said Ong.

Certis estimates that over the next three years, approximately 20,000 Certis employees will benefit from more than 30 corporate university programs, which will cover topics ranging from data analytics to robotics and automation. .

Mr. Paul Chong, Chairman and CEO of Certis Group, said those attending Certis Corporate University will acquire lifelong skills that are practical and applicable both in the security industry and in the other sectors.

“We are training workers to be digitally ready, versatile and ready to lead in a new, volatile and uncertain world,” he said.

Security guards will be trained to perform facilities management and technology related tasks, so that the same worker can function well, with skills relevant to the industry, he added.

CCU trainer Mr. Kumaraveloo Chinnaiah, 52, will teach Certis trainees through a multi-step process that involves online theory lessons, virtual reality simulations and practical exams.

On the learning management system, students will have a dashboard to check their progress, while simulations of plausible real-life scenarios, such as fires and bomb threats, will give students the opportunity to test their knowledge and preparation to face similar situations.

“Now, thanks to our online learning platform, officers no longer need to come back to campus for exams,” said Mr. Kumaraveloo.



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