Chelsea student-athlete chooses Gannon University for academics and softball


One has the impression that home is always a good sign when choosing a university.

This is how Chelsea student-athlete Zoey Monica described her commitment to Gannon University, where she will play softball and pursue her academic goals.

The Sun Times News followed her after she signed to college to see what she thought about this next step in her life.

“I’m relieved to say the least,” Monica said of the signing. “Gannon felt like I was at the perfect home, as I visited I became more and more comfortable being there, and I started to feel like I was at home. House.”

Thinking about what she likes about this college, its academics and its sports, she said: “I felt like it was a good choice, not only academically, but athletically as well. . ”

“I was very pleased with the faculty involved in the criminal justice program,” she said. “They all had incredible experience and extensive experience. When it comes to the softball program, the coaches are super welcoming and feel like a second parent group.

Zoey Monica on college signing day. photo courtesy of Chelsea Athletics

She said that after growing up in a small town, she never really considered going to an urban college, but after visiting and seeing how welcoming everyone was, it started to clear her up. waters and really opened his eyes to what the city has to offer.

This small town and its softball program played a big part in helping it get there.

“What I think stands out at Chelsea is our culture,” she said. “We’re creating a winning culture and our community support motivates us even more to train and compete the best we can. “

A big part of this culture is the dedication and commitment made by student-athletes like Monica.

She said hard work pays off.

“Hard work pays off, there is no doubt about it,” she said. “I missed so many school dance parties, reunions, vacations, etc., but it’s worth it. Playing and working when no one else has made me better and given me a head start, taking me to the next level.

It also helps get some important help along the way.

“My family, friends and softball coaches really helped me get this far,” she said, looking back. “My mom and dad have been my biggest supporters throughout it all and I will always be grateful to them. They both taught me that even when things seem impossible, there is always a way. They push me to be the best of myself.

She also especially thanks a former trainer, Carl Novick.

“He was my trainer for several years and pushed me to push my limits,” she said. “Even though it didn’t seem like it sometimes, he always believed in me when I felt like no one else did.”

“Without all their help, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she said.

Zoey Monique. photo by Mike Williamson

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