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Md Mohsinur’s love for engineering was evident before he decided to further his knowledge in the United States. Before leaving Bangladesh, he had already obtained an undergraduate degree in electrical and electronic engineering as well as a postgraduate degree in computer science and engineering. The theses within the framework of these qualifications aroused his interest in research on the modeling of new materials and electronic devices.

After researching doctorates in the United States, he discovered The Ohio State University‘s reputation for making cutting-edge discoveries on subjects of such complexity. Moreover, many of its elders from our region had nothing but good things to say about the institution.

“Professor Roberto Myers had previously supervised my BSc classmate, Sarwar, for his PhD. I spoke to Sarwar and he encouraged me to join Professor Myers’ group for my PhD,” he explains. “Online, I began to realize the friendly nature and helpful environment of the group and the research community as a whole here at Ohio State. It inspired me to join and begin my doctoral research journey with the electrical and computer engineering program.”

When he finally arrived in Columbus, Md Mohsinur found out why international students love Ohio State so much. Orientation was a breeze thanks to several cheerfully helpful peers, who helped him navigate the registration process, college connections, smartphone setups, and more.

“After completing the formalities, I walked around the campus to explore the natural beauty,” he recalls. “There were so many cool places on campus to hang out and hang out! It was really a pleasant day.

Ohio State is on a mission to achieve its goal of becoming a leading global university. Source: Ohio State University

Today, Md Mohsinur thrives as an excellent student and active member of the community. He is a proud member of the Bangladeshi Students Association and the Muslim Students Association. He also regularly attends the International Friends Event, which has helped him better understand cultural nuances and, of course, forge lasting friendships.

Ideal ground for international students

Smooth transitions are available to anyone who chooses Ohio State. The university works tirelessly to ensure that every international student feels at home the moment they arrive in the United States. In fact, instilling a sense of warmth is a top priority they know will greatly accelerate its goal of becoming a top global university.

It’s no wonder there are currently over 6,000 international students, each proud to be part of such a vibrant and connected community in a conveniently located urban campus. John Glenn Columbus International Airport is just a 15-minute drive from campus, placing students within hours of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Accessibility at its best

Joining the Ohio State family has never been easier thanks to an array of student funding programs. Support is given to graduate students in the form of associates, fellowships or internships. In fact, around 55% of graduate students (mainly PhD students) receive some form of funding.

The Ohio State Office of International Affairs (OIA) offers scholarships and grants such as the International Affairs Fellowship, Sonkin-Bergman-Wasserman Families Fellowship for International Understanding and Peace, Phyllis Krumm Fellowship, Research of Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Abroad, FLAS Fellowships, and Mershon Center Graduate Fellowships, among others. Find out what each entails here.

The College of Engineering has its own financial support opportunities as well. A fully funded offer involves a generous minimum monthly stipend of US$2,364 ($28,368 for a 12-month appointment), tuition and fee waivers, and 85% health insurance for students.

The Ohio State University

About 55% of graduate students (mostly doctoral students) at Ohio State receive some form of funding. Source: Ohio State University

Unwavering support, successful graduates

At Ohio State, the theme of support runs far beyond orientation — sometimes even before. Those who have not yet fully mastered the English language are invited to opt for the American language program, an intensive pre-admission course for language and academic preparation. After their admission, they could undergo the Composition of the ESL writing program or Spoken English Program. Doors to the writing center also remains open to those who need advice on anything from essays to resumes.

When graduating students have mastered the art of communication while gaining in-depth knowledge through their degree programs, it doesn’t take long before they begin to explore their skill application options. Fortunately, Ohio State is happy to help bring career aspirations to life.

If necessary, international students can obtain different types of employment depending on their visa status, such as on-campus job, curricular practical training (CPT), optional practical training (OPT) and academic training. Of course, they are guided through the process to land a role that best suits their interests and needs.

Engineering Career Services (ECS) ensures that their enrolled graduates are helped to review CVs, refine job search strategies, prepare for interviews and make the most of networking opportunities – like the countless engineering-specific career fairs hosted on campus each year. They are welcome to as many one-to-one appointments with ECS counselors as they need.

If this sounds like the environment you need to truly realize your potential, click here to apply to Ohio State today. To learn more about the College of Engineering – which US News and World Report ranks as the 30th best in the countryclick here instead.

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