Doha University for Science and Technology Signs Research Collaboration Agreement with Qatar’s Primary Healthcare Corporation


Doha, Qatar: The Doha University for Science and Technology (UDST) has signed an open-ended research collaboration agreement with the Primary Healthcare Corporation (PHCC) of Qatar. The partnership enables the two institutions to engage in collaborative research of mutual interest supporting various educational activities within the framework of the Master of Science in Diabetes Care and Patient Education (MASc. DCPE) program at UDST. The agreement was signed by Dr. Rachid Benlamri, Vice President, Academic Affairs, UDST and Dr. Hanan Al-Mujalli, Executive Director of Department of Clinical Affairs, PHCC.

Under the agreement, researchers from the University’s College of Health Sciences and the Clinical Research Department of the PHCC will have joint responsibility for the scientific and technical conduct of the research, which will be conducted under the direction and supervision of the latter.

Dr. Salem Al-Naemi, President of UDST, said, “As Qatar’s premier university of applied sciences, UDST College of Health Sciences has built a portfolio of cutting-edge programs to educate and empowering the country’s future health professionals. Many of these programs are a direct response to specific and critical health needs in Qatar, such as the MASc. DCPE program which was created to develop competent individuals with advanced skills in diabetes care. The collaborative agreement with PHCC will strengthen the research capacities of both institutions, provide greater academic opportunities in the field of health, helping to fill the knowledge gap in this sector, as identified by the National Strategy on the diabetes 2016-2022. Dr. Salem Al-Naemi added that: “UDST’s collaboration agreement with the PHCC demonstrates the alignment of the University’s values ​​and its commitment to the human development pillar of the Qatar National Vision. 2030, an important part of which is building a physically healthier society.. We are proud to partner with such a prestigious leader in healthcare.

Dr Hanan Al Mujalli, Executive Director of Clinical Affairs Branch, PHCC, said that “the

The company’s strategy aims to make primary healthcare services the foundation of the Qatar State healthcare system. It is committed to providing well-coordinated, high-quality care that will lead to a healthy population. This new partnership will strengthen the role of the PHCC by creating new research opportunities. It will also equip graduates with the skills needed to to fill roles in primary care settings.

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Qatar is 17% of the adult population. The incidence of diabetes in Qatar is witnessing a significant increase compared to the regional and international incidence rate.

It is one of the leading causes of morbidity and disability in the country. Enabling better diabetes care research can lead to more effective treatment, better outcomes for the patient population, and can potentially reduce the rate of disease, thereby reducing the associated physical and economic strain on society.

Dr. Manal Musallam, Chair of the MAScDCPE Program Advisory Committee, Adjunct Professor at UDST College of Health Sciences and Director of Patient Education, HMC said:

“I am very pleased with the establishment of this research collaboration as a result of the discussions of the Master of Applied Science Program Advisory Committee on Diabetes Care and Patient Education and we look forward to creating more opportunities for research partnerships, in line with the research pillar of the National Diabetes Strategy in the State of Qatar. »


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