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Elon’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities for physics, engineering and other STEM fields continues to inspire Furman ’56 and Susan Moseley, whose latest donation to the Elon LEADS campaign also provides scholarships Additional Susan as part of the Odyssey program.

The Innovation Quad: Founders Hall (right) and IQ2

Alumnus Furman Moseley ’56 and his wife Susan Moseley of Seattle have made a second leadership donation to the Innovation Quad which will also fund additional Susan scholarships through Elon’s Odyssey program, which helps students with significant financial needs, including first-generation students. A lead gift from the Moseleys in 2020 – among the largest gifts ever received by Elon – named the first building of the Innovation Quad Founders Hall in honor of Elon’s long legacy of leadership.

Scheduled to open in August, the Innovation Quad’s first two buildings, Founders Hall and IQ2, represent the heart of IQ and the initial phase of a long-term investment by Elon to advance science education, engineering and technology, while enhancing the university’s national leadership in engaged interdisciplinary learning. IQ is located between the Dalton L. McMichael Sr. Science Center, Richard W. Sankey Hall, and the Ernest A. Koury Sr. Business Center, strengthening connections between STEM and science, entrepreneurship, sales, conceptual thinking and analysis.

The Moseleys, who are among the university’s most dedicated and generous donors, understand the ability of the Innovation Quad to fuel Elon’s national rise.

“Elon’s expansion and enhancement of offerings in STEM disciplines aligns with the demands of today and the technical realities of tomorrow,” said Furman Moseley. “Elon’s IQ commitment makes the university even more competitive for its prospective students.”

“Furman and Susan believe deeply in Elon’s leadership in STEM education and in the power of scholarships to transform lives,” said President Connie Ledoux Book. “Elon’s future is bright thanks to his dedicated support of the Innovation Quad and the students who will lead the future.”

The quadruple of innovation

The 20,000 square foot Founders Hall is designed for engineering students and faculty to turn bold ideas into prototypes. When completed, it will include several labs, including those for design, advanced prototyping, astrophysics, prefabrication, mechatronics and virtual reality. A two-story assembly space will be a hub for innovation and the backbone of Elon’s engineering program.

The three-story, 40,000 square foot IQ2 will include interdisciplinary studies, equipment and research in biomedicine, computer science, physics and robotics. The facility will also include state-of-the-art flexible classrooms for biophysics and physics, and lab space for basic engineering courses, bioinstrumentation, environmental engineering research, biomedical and environmental labs.

Future phases of IQ will include residence halls and residence halls, as well as a series of corporate-sponsored incubators and design centers that will foster vibrant interdisciplinary study and collaboration.

Furman Moseley ’56 (center) and then-President Leo M. Lambert celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Susan Fellowship.

A legacy of philanthropy

In addition to supporting IQ building, the Moseleys’ donation will add four scholarships to the Susan Scholarship Endowment, which Furman Moseley created in 2007 with a $5 million gift to honor his wife on her 70th birthday. Since then, the Susan Scholarship has transformed the lives of over 60 promising female students.

“I graduated from Elon on a football scholarship, so I know firsthand the impact an Elon scholarship has on an individual life,” Moseley said. “I know well the impact Susan has had on my life and I believe that her positive impact will continue in the individual lives of the promising young women who have been chosen as Susan Scholars. Conversations with many people over the years confirm that Susan’s positive impact continues.

Increased scholarship funding top priority for $250 million Elon LEADS campaignwhich also provided resources to access the Elon experiences, faculty and staff mentors that matter, and the university’s iconic campus.

“The continued progress that Elon has enjoyed in all aspects of college life is a direct result of disciplined strategic planning and effective leadership implementation,” Moseley said. “Elon LEADS continues this winning practice and will help position an even better Elon for tomorrow.”

A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Furman Moseley is the retired president of Seattle-based Simpson Paper Co.. Susan Moseley is president of the Spark Charitable Foundation. Their philanthropic impact can be seen on the Elon campus, including donations to name the Moseley Center and to support the construction of the Koury Business Center, Schar Center and Rhodes Stadium.

The Moseleys’ gift on behalf of Theos Arch at the entrance to Rhodes Stadium honors Nick Theos ’56, who grew up in Charleston and played guard with Moseley on Elon’s football team in the 1950s Both Theos and Moseley dated Elon through the efforts of John L. Georgeo, a former student of Elon’s from Charleston in 1945, who also played football at Elon and later served as an assistant high school football coach at Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Moseley endowed the Odyssey Program John L. Georgeo Fellowship to honor his mentor. The Odyssey program is part of Elon’s Access and Success Center.

About the Elon LEADS Campaign

With a goal of $250 million, Elon LEADS is the largest fundraising campaign in the history of the university and will support four main priorities: scholarships for the graduates the world needs, access to engaged learning such as study abroad, research and internships, faculty and staff support. mentors that matter and Elon’s iconic campus. As of March 7, donors had contributed $240.6 million towards the overall goal.

Every donation to the university – including annual, endowment, capital, estate and other planned gifts – for any designation counts as a donation to the campaign, which will support students and strengthen Elon for generations to come. To learn more about how you can make an impact, visit www.elonleads.com.


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