Fisk University Set to Offer DEI Course by C-Suite Senior Executive Nzinga Shaw


NASHVILLE, TN (TN Tribune)– These days, higher education is under the microscope. Rising costs and an ever-changing work climate have added additional pressure on higher education to demonstrate and deliver a return on investment.

Critics everywhere are questioning the traditional formula, and the growing student debt bubble is casting a shadow over an entire generation. Many universities are responding to these changes by implementing new majors, certificates, and extracurricular programs. Six years ago, Fisk University committed to complementing its liberal arts curriculum with a strong emphasis on professional development, executive leadership, and corporate internships. Since then, Fisk has delivered record-breaking results for its students, and last spring Forbes voted the University the nation’s No. 1 institution for academic management.

The University’s emphasis on preparing the next generation of executives and leaders in all sectors of the economy has coincided with a significant increase in overall enrollment as well as the academic quality of incoming classes. To reinforce its focus on student outcomes, Fisk has cemented several unique corporate partnerships, including with Cravath, Swaine & Moore, HCA Healthcare, The Los Angeles Lakers, Google, Marsh McLennan, Asurion, Equinix and Ryan Specialty Group . Many of these partnerships offer reverse engineering courses that directly prepare students to excel at the highest level after graduation. Some of these courses include coding, big data analysis, and risk management.

This fall, Fisk University is launching its first course in the area of ​​Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): “Advancing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Business and Beyond.” This course will be taught by Nzinga C. Shaw, MLA, who has served as Director of Diversity at 5 Blue Chip organizations including Edelman, National Basketball Association, Starbucks, Marsh McLennan and ZRG Partners. The importance of DEI in society and business has been increasingly highlighted in recent years. The corporate world is undergoing a seismic change and DEI is proving, predictably, to be both good for business and good for society. Fisk University is thrilled that its students gain this experience and that the institution remains at the forefront of higher education programs.


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