Georgia University System Closes 215 Disabled Majors and Degrees


This is an ongoing story and will be updated with responses from USG institutions as they come in.

Georgia’s University System Board of Trustees recently voted to scrap 215 degrees and majors across the system. This included 43 at the University of Georgia, 32 at Georgia Southern University, and 26 at Augusta University.

“Not all of the programs included in the Council’s action were active and had not admitted students for more than two years,” wrote Kristina Torres, assistant vice chancellor for leadership communications at USG. , in an email. “This process follows Board policy and reflects the University System of Georgia’s priority to systematically review academic program performance and align current offerings with the needs of USG institutions and students. This cleanup is done on a regular basis and requires institutions to wait at least two years before any formal action is taken to allow enrolled students to graduate or move on to other programs.”

Torres added that no active programs were affected, but the number of closed programs was higher than usual. Some of the programs have also been transferred to “New and Updated Curriculum”.

The University of Georgia is closing the most degrees or majors, including seven under the Education Specialist Program, several doctoral programs – Leisure and Leisure Studies, and Integrative Conservation and Geography. among others – as well as master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

Georgia Southern University closes 13 majors in the Bachelor of Science in Education, as well as nine subjects in the Specialist in Education program and several other bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Only two programs — a master of science in urban studies and planning and a bachelor of education in high school teacher education — have been cut at Savannah State University.

At Augusta University, degrees include six focus areas within the Specialist in Education program, three each in the Master of Nursing and Master of Science in Education programs, and majors within from the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, and other undergraduate programs. .

A spokesperson for Augusta University said the university offers 155 programs, up from 140 two years ago. In the past two years alone, AU has added 18 new programs, including several Master of Science programs and post-baccalaureate certificates.

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The UA changes programs when older programs no longer attract as many students, or to better meet modern demands for job skills, according to the spokesperson. Some programs have been combined, such as the French and Spanish bachelor’s degrees, which are now concentrations within a single major global language. Certificates are the most commonly disabled programs, while bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs are less likely to be disabled.

According to the USG System website, institutions can request that a degree or major be deactivated as long as they can show that there are no current students in the program or that the remaining students are ready to go. choose another degree, and that there will be no negative effects on students or faculty.


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