Honorary scholarship awarded to a distinguished lawyer


Adjunct Professor Richard Fisher AM signs the University’s ‘Harry Potter’ after being made an Honorary Fellow.

Since joining the University more than a decade ago, Professor Fisher has grown the University’s legal team from a mere lawyer to the larger Office of General Counsel, which is widely regarded as one of the best in-house legal teams in the public sector. Today, the University’s legal team has significant capabilities in areas such as labor law and industrial relations, trusts, construction and property law, intellectual property, documentation of policies and commercial law – which means a lot more legal work can be done in-house.

Professor Fisher has made an immense contribution to the University in his role as General Counsel over the past decade and a half,” said Vice-Chancellor Freudenstein.

“Not only has he transformed the way the University conducts legal services work, but he has also established a highly regarded and comprehensive in-house legal team from the bottom up.”

In addition to his legal responsibilities, Professor Fisher helped establish the University’s trust office and risk management function, restructured the University’s internal audit function, and served as chair of the responsible task force. the elaboration of the Charter of Freedom of Expression and Academic Freedom of the University.

Honorary degrees are awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the wider community or who have achieved outstanding academic or creative excellence. Assistant Professor Richard Fisher AM received an Honorary Fellowship.


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