Kaduna: Why the structure under construction at the state university was removed


Ismail Dikko, chief executive of the Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KASUPDA), said that a structure that was recently removed from the premises of Kaduna State University (KASU ) has violated applicable laws.

The structure, according to locals, was a chapel under construction.

Speaking on the development in a statement on Thursday, Dikko said the state executive council had previously issued a directive that all public buildings and institutions must submit relevant documents before erecting new structures in their areas. local.

He listed the documents that should include the master plan for the institution or public building, as well as an application for permission to build a new structure.

According to the Director General, KASU partially complied with the directive by submitting its master plan, but without requesting permission for further development.

“Pending full compliance by the university with the SEC directive on the construction of new buildings on the premises of institutions and public buildings, the development control team of KASUPDA noticed that excavation work was still ongoing on the site,” he said.

Dikko added that he visited the site on June 3, but was unable to see the site engineer and only met workers.

“Out of courtesy to KASU, I returned on Sunday, June 5, 2022, and this time met with the engineer. I told them they were breaking the law and asked them to stop further work on the project until they get a permit,” KASUPDA CEO said.

Dikko, however, said on Monday that work was continuing at the site, which is why “KASUPDA removed the excavations that were started for the development of the foundations that were not completed.”

“I didn’t know if the proposed structure would have been a church or just a building. The developers broke the law and KASUPDA just fulfilled its legal duty by removing it,” he added.


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