Kenya: United States International University-Africa welcomes Vice-Chancellor Margee Ensign


Nairobi – The United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) has officially welcomed Professor Margee Ensign as the new Vice-Chancellor following her recent appointment.

Professor Ensign was welcomed to the USIU-Africa campus by the outgoing Vice-Chancellor, Professor Freida Brown, who served as the University’s Chief Executive Officer.

This Saturday, Prof. Brown and Prof. Ensign will co-chair the 44th USIU-Africa Graduation Ceremony.

Professor Ensign brings to her new position a distinguished academic and administrative reputation in the United States and Africa, a career marked by her dedication to global education. This will be his third Vice-Chancellor.

Professor Ensign joined USIU-Africa from the American University of Nigeria (AUN) in Yola, where she served as President (Vice-Chancellor) during the difficult Boko Haram uprising. She was also president of Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, one of America’s oldest and most distinguished universities, known in particular for its innovative programs in global education.

Professor Ensign has served as Vice Provost for International Initiatives, Dean and Professor at the School of International Studies at the University of the Pacific in California. in Rwanda and Uganda and held administrative and faculty positions at Columbia and Tulane Universities.

Professor Ensign received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in International Politics and Economics. She is a well-respected scholar on development, Africa, international education and – from her experience in Rwanda – genocide. Professor Ensign is the author and editor of six books, including Rwanda: History and Hope and Confronting Genocide: Dehumanization, Denial, and Strategies for Prevention.

Frequently requested as a guest speaker and expert in development and education, Professor Ensign has presented at numerous international forums, including the World Economic Forum, the American Council on Education and the US Congress. She was a panel member of the Commonwealth Women’s Forum in Rwanda, which focused on gender equity and education. Professor Ensign has received numerous awards, including the Distinguished Leadership Award for Excellence in Education, African Leading University of the Year and the African Leadership Award from the World Center for Corporate Social Responsibility. She holds honorary doctorates from the American University of Paris and New College, her alma mater in Florida.


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