Lee University Alum Beil Wins Global Award


Lee University alum Thomas Beil received the 2021 Best Innovation Project Award with Whirlpool for his Masters of Business Administration project.

Mr. Beil graduated from Lee in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He later returned and earned his MBA in 2021. His project, The Bin Replenisher, began as an idea over lunch with Dr. Shane Griffith, a business professor and assistant vice president for enrollment at Lee . While completing his MBA at Lee, Mr. Beil also held a management position at Whirlpool, which allowed him to integrate his academic work with his professional work.

“The Bin Replenisher was the culmination of a strong foundational education from Lee coupled with years of experience applying analytical models and concepts to automate information and improve processes,” Beil said. “I am grateful to Lee University for the support and direction throughout the project and the competition.”

Mr. Beil entered The Bin Replenisher in the Whirlpool Global Project Competition in November 2021. The Bin Replenisher is a real-time automated warehouse management solution designed to automate and avoid errors in the warehouse, provide information and analytics to operators so they can effectively direct their processes and eliminate human error, dramatically reduce training and onboarding time for new operators, and create high-level analytics outputs for performance and error monitoring as well as audit activities.

“Thomas distinguished himself in the corporate world by developing new processes to efficiently accomplish complicated tasks,” said Dr. Dewayne Thompson, Dean of Lee’s School of Business. “Thomas is the perfect combination of theory and experience that brings a richness to the classroom that helps students understand the application of theoretical concepts.”

Mr. Beil teaches business analytics at Lee’s School of Business to bring real-world applications into the classroom.

“Analytics and technology are the future of business and knowing how to use them effectively is a force multiplier for business success,” Beil said. “Having the opportunity to give back to my alma mater by teaching Business Analytics has been rewarding. At Lee, we have an important mission to prepare future Christ-centered leaders for their careers and set them up for success!”


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