Mangaluru: Srinivas University’s Institute of Engineering and Technology Organizes ‘Tech Yuva’


Press release

Mangaluru, June 8: Two days National Level Techno Cultural and Sports Fiesta ‘Tech Yuva – 22’ was held at Srinivas University Institute of Engineering and Technology (SUIET), Mukka, Mangaluru on June 7-8. Around 1,200 participants from various engineering schools took part in this mega event. Chief guest of the programme, Dr. K Ganesh Raj, Senior Scientist (Grade H) and former Director General of Regional Center for Remote Sensing, ISRO Bengaluru inaugurated Tech Yuva – 22 by lighting the lamp. Poornima Bhojraj, a senior performer at All India Radio and national gold medalist in the senior table tennis tournament, was the guest of honour.

Dr. A Srinivas Rao (Pro Chancellor, University of Srinivas) chaired the program. Dr Jillella Satya Sai Kumar (Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Srinivas), Dr Anil Kumar (Registrar, University of Srinivas), Dr Thomas Pinto (Dean, SUIET Mukka), Dr Ramakrishna Hegde (Organizer, Tech Yuva 22), Thanya Girish (student coordinator) and Rakshith Pranav (student coordinator) were present on the stage.

Dean of the College, Dr. Thomas Pinto delivered a welcome address. Organizer of Tech Yuva 22, Dr. Ramakrishna Hegde presented an overview of “Tech Yuva” since its inception in 2013. Prof. K Shrinath Rao introduced the main guest and guest of honor of the gathering.

In his inaugural speech, Dr. K Ganesh Raj commended the management, faculty, staff and students of the college for organizing the national-level cultural and sports technical festival “Tech Yuva – 22”. Dr. Ganesh Raj said that these types of events will help improve the overall personality development of the students. Dr. Ganesh Raj said that today he is identified in the society due to the successful missions accomplished by ISRO. He added that students can achieve success through continuous learning, dedicated effort, skill, daring and strong willpower. Today, the whole world is looking to India because of its successful handling of the pandemic situation. ISRO has carried out many projects related to climate change, crop management, disaster management, environmental disasters, land use, urban development and many space missions. Dr. Ganesh Raj said that everything was made possible through the team effort of people working at ISRO. Therefore, students must develop the zeal to achieve success in their lives.

Guest of honour, Poornima Bhojraj addressed the students and said that the aspirations of young people are very high at present. Therefore, young people should control their minds and achieve success in life with a good thought process. Age is just a number and age is not a barrier to success in life. Students should be involved in cultural, technical and sports activities in order to have peace of mind, which will further improve their efficiency and keep the spirit at a higher level.

Dr. Jillella Satya Sai Kumar said that India has a younger population and is one of the best nations in the world which is developing very fast. Hence, India will set new milestones in the coming years. Dr. Jillella Satya Sai Kumar explained the relationship between Tech Yuga, Tech Yuva, Digital Yuga and said that artificial intelligence will reach its peak by 2030 opening up more opportunities for young people. In addition to intelligent quotient, other factors such as emotional quotient, social aspects and social innovation are very important to come up with innovations that are useful to society and the nation. Dr. Jillella Satya Sai Kumar further stated that education and grades are not enough, besides that we have to develop minds, develop ideas, enrich knowledge and skills, and therefore we can make India an international hub of skills and technology in the world. In the years to come.

Dr. Anil Kumar said that applied science can help society find solutions to many problems. So, in future editions of Tech Yuva, competitions focusing on research and applied science could be included to ignite young minds.

In his presidential remarks, Dr. A Srinivas Rao applauded the 33 years of rich experience and achievements of Chief Guest Dr. K Ganesh Raj in the field of geology, remote sensing, geospatial applications, water resources, groundwater, landslides, earthquakes and land use. , Urban development, Environmental studies. Dr. Srinivas Rao added that Dr. Ganesh Raj is one of the role models of the younger generation. Dr. Srinivas Rao advised engineering students to inculcate creativity and achieve success by adopting the right technology and contribute effectively in making India a super powerful nation, No.1 in the world.

Professor Omprakash Bhat delivered a vote of thanks. Students Shreeja Shetty and Simi Satish participated in the program as master of ceremonies. Dinakar performed the summons. Heads of various departments, faculty members, staff, students, and attendees from other engineering schools were present at the inaugural ceremony.

A wide range of technical competitions for mechanical, civil, electronics and communication and computer engineering students, i.e. paper presentation, model making, collage, Robo Wars, 3D CAD modeling, code hunting, gaming of the mind, web development, Robo Soccer, Just One minute was organized on the first day (June 7) and cultural and sporting events, namely singing, solo and group dancing, tug of war , basketball, badminton, photography, face painting, dumb charades, mock press and scavenger hunt were organized on the second day (June 8). Sporting events, namely chess, cricket and table tennis, were held on both days. This year, ‘BGMI’ and ‘Stand Up Comedy’ competitions were introduced as a special attraction. A total of 34 different varieties of technical, cultural, literary and athletic competitions were held at Tech Yuva-22.


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