Marquette University: partners with MMSD on two green infrastructure projects on campus


New Mitigation Measures Can Prevent Nearly 500,000 Gallons of Stormwater Runoff

MILWAUKEE — Marquette University, in partnership with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), is building two new stormwater mitigation projects under the Fresh Coast Protection Partnership program, incorporating green infrastructure. The two green infrastructure projects are parking lot T near the School of Dentistry and the other on the south lawn of the Lalumière building.

The FCPP is a community partnership between the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and infrastructure solutions company Corvias aimed at improving water quality, reducing stormwater runoff and localized flooding through capture and management millions of gallons of water during rainfall events.

Combined, the Marquette projects have the potential to prevent up to nearly 500,000 gallons of stormwater runoff during a single rainfall event. to reduce sewer overflow volume and reduce the risk of flooding and help protect rivers and lakes from pollution. Aligned with the “Sustainability of Valuable Resources” theme of the university’s strategic plan, Across borders, the FCPP and Marquette share the costs of designing and building the green infrastructure.

“Marquette is grateful for its ongoing relationship with MMSD and the Fresh Coast Protection Partnership for the opportunity to serve as the responsible steward of campus lands to help preserve and protect the environment,” said Lora Strigens, Vice President of planning and installation services. “As an urban campus, we have thought creatively over the years about how best to manage stormwater runoff, a critical issue for nearby rivers and Lake Michigan. Recent additions to the campus, such as green roofs and the retention pond near the Center for Sport and Human Performance Research, have been a big step forward. The FCPP has provided us and others in the region facing similar challenges with new opportunities to better manage our delicate and limited natural resources.

About Marquette’s New Green Infrastructure Projects

  1. T parking lot resurfacing project

Located between 19th and 20th Streets North, near the School of Dentistry building, this two-acre surface parking lot will be repaved with a permeable surface over a two-foot-deep gravel water-retaining substrate. Porous resurfacing, along with new landscaping features, can prevent more than 300,000 gallons of stormwater runoff.

  1. Hall Lalumière bioretention project

A bioretention area will be installed just north of West Clybourn Street on Lalumiere’s South Lawn, providing a strategically located new 5,700 square foot grassland depression that can hold approximately 175,000 gallons of stormwater during a storm. only rain event. The area will be seeded with native grasses and other flora.

Both projects are ongoing – the Lot T project is expected to be completed around the start of the fall 2022 semester, and the Lalumière project will be completed in early fall.

About the Fresh Coast Protection Partnership

The FCPP is a three-year public-private partnership. The FCPP is intended to help MMSD accelerate the implementation of green infrastructure to achieve the group’s Vision 2035 goal of capturing the first half inch of rain on impervious surfaces in MMSD’s service area. Over the next several years, MMSD and its partner Corvias will plan, design, tender and construct nearly 8.5 million gallons of stormwater catchment capacity with green infrastructure.

MMSD has a long history of financing green infrastructure to public and private partners. The increasing number of intense rain events and the incorporation of green infrastructure into MMSD’s permit have pushed MMSD to do more to be resilient to climate change. The FCPP will push beyond the scope of previous green infrastructure programs to better direct where green infrastructure is placed (to maximize benefits), how it is designed, and how it is built.


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