Montana University System Says New Vaccine Mandate Does Not Apply To Them | Missoula



MISSOULA, Mont. – One of the state’s largest employers said the new OSHA rule does not apply to all of its workers.

The Montana University System has said that because its campuses are public and the mandate applies to large private sector companies, there is likely to be no change in policy.

The university system’s legal team believes this only applies to private companies and not to public campuses. Officials said they are still evaluating it, but at this point they don’t think it changes what they are already doing.

However, campuses must comply with Executive Order of President Biden signed in early September, requiring federal contractors and subcontractors to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by December 8, with a few exceptions.

The university system’s executive director of relations and public affairs, Helen Thigpen, said they were working with individual campuses to identify to whom this rule applies.

“The campuses start to evaluate all the federal contracts that we have in the university system and then we will have to identify the people who are working on those contracts,” Thigpen said.

She said campuses would notify these employees if they fall into this category and then help them take the next required action.

The executive order for federal contractors is separate from the OSHA rule announced today.



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