Nigerian university system is the best performing sector despite challenges


By Billy Graham Abel, yola

The Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Kashere, Prof. Umar Pate, has hailed the resilience of the Nigerian university system as the best performing sector ever compared to other sectors in the country, which have collapsed under the weight of the lack of investment. and the development of the country.

Professor Pate said most Nigerian universities have long exceeded their carrying capacity but have continued to maintain standards and produce quality graduates who compete globally in various fields of endeavour. .

Umar Pate made this known while delivering the keynote lecture at the 20th anniversary of Adamawa State University in Mubi, Adamawa State.

Pate said there are more than 2.1 million Nigerian students, spread across more than 150 universities across the country, struggling to get a world-class education with inadequate facilities, but education continues to thrive reasonably well despite decades of little investment and commitment to the development of education.

Professor Pate said: “ADSU’s progress should be seen in light of the progress it has made in developing its academic endeavors at graduate and postgraduate level, how much partnership it has been able to forge with industries, professional bodies, governments, and how many research grants he has been able to attract.

He pointed out that “the ability of Nigerian universities to cope with the large number of students on its campuses, the demand for admission to universities which far exceeds the intake capacities of universities in the country are issues that are hampering the university education in the country. .

Pate disputes that “the fact that Nigerians go to university without finding employment, impinges on the validity and credibility of the university system to improve their lives”.

Speaking on the key areas that need to be addressed in order to maintain standards in Nigerian universities, Pate said, “The academic and physical development of schools needs to be looked at, the maintenance of quality and standard of education needs to be maintained, universities must be structured to add values. to its host communities, the welfare of students and staff should be prioritized, staff and students should have access to the use of ICTs given the challenge of contemporary education, and educational institutions should find funds outside of conventional sources and use them to pursue their academic goals. ”

University Visitor and Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri speaking on the occasion said that the history of the university is a study in resilience, optimism without precedent, tenacity and natural determination to swim against the wind in the unquenchable spirit of the stoic Adamawa. .

Governor Fintiri, represented by Adamawa State Cabinet Secretary Bashir Ahmed, said: “An ideal university must be, of necessity, productively functional with the ability to contribute significantly to the index growth growth. This is the path we must continue to chart for Adamawa State University. It is a path we must slyly pursue to create an intellectual bank capable of providing solutions to myriad developmental challenges through manly scholarship.

“I challenge you to engage in cost-effective and socially relevant consulting services and to be careful in the management of your resources.”

Adamawa State University Vice Chancellor Kaletapwa Farauta, speaking on the occasion, hailed the visionary move of the university’s founder, the former Governor of Adamawa State, Boni Haruna and commended Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for supporting the university’s vision to succeed as an educational institution.

Kaletapwa said that despite the many challenges faced by the university, the institution is still determined to pursue its lofty ideals of bringing higher education closer to the people and building a workforce to support the courses of development in the state and beyond.

Kaletapwa said the university has grown from a three-faculty institution to a seven-faculty institution that runs about 41 programs.

Describing the successes of the university, she said upon taking over the leadership of the university in 2017, the university inherited many challenges that plague the institution including promotion backlog, non-payment academic allowance, lack of access to projects and staff training by TETFUND, among other issues the university was struggling with.

The Vice Chancellor called on the state government to reinforce the progress of the institution by supporting the positive growth of the institution in recent years.


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