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MARQUETTE – Residents of the Marquette area identified housing as a major need during a community forum hosted by Northern Michigan University that discussed potential redevelopment of the former hospital site next to the campus of the NMU.

The forums, hosted by Chicago-based national urban planning and design studio Design Workshop, focused on resident feedback over four sessions.

During the forums, residents learned about the work the NMU Foundation has done to date to develop possible plans and identify challenges associated with the potential redevelopment of the former UP Health System-Marquette site.

“The NMU Foundation’s role in this process continues to focus on aligning the resources and relationships necessary to facilitate the redevelopment of the former hospital site in a way that benefits NMU and the community of Marquette”, NMU Foundation CEO Brad Canale said in a press release.

“We appreciate the opportunity to have a dialogue with community members about the status of our efforts, as well as to hear their perspective on how this project can address many priorities.”

Throughout the forums held in May, participants noted that housing was a major need in the Marquette area.

Other suggested uses for the site involved expanding event and community spaces, improving walkability between the NMU campus and surrounding neighborhoods, and exploring other potential uses, including including retail.

The Connect Marquette networking group also had members present at one of the forums held on May 9th.

During this forum, the need for infrastructure and services that would cater to a remote and technology-driven workforce was discussed.

Some of the recommendations focused on broadband connectivity, electronics, and office/retail services.

Prior to releasing the NMU Foundation’s findings, the results were presented to the Marquette City Commission as well as Veridea Group, which was selected by the NMU Foundation Board of Directors as lead developer partner. .

A full summary of the forums, including information about the four community forum sessions, is available online at

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