NZ 22.7 billion earned allowance: we will collapse the university system if… – SSANU


The Nigerian Universities Senior Staff Association (SSANU) urged the federal government not to force the union to collapse the university system, because of the proposed sharing formula of the earned allowance of N22.7 billion.

SSANU National Vice President Dr Abdussobur Salaam revealed this while addressing reporters at the Western Zone Executive Meeting, held at the Federal University of Agriculture (FUNAAB), Abeokuta, that the sharing formula, if not properly addressed, could cause chaos within the nation’s university system.

Salaam noted that the proposed split formula for the about to be released fund was unfair and a platform to provoke disaffection on campuses.

He pointed out that the 22 billion naira to be released was originally intended for SSANU and NASU, as agreed last February.

“We only wish the government knew better that this is not the best time to cause chaos on our campuses, but a time to strengthen the university system in efforts to rebuild the Nigerian economy disrupted by the onslaught of COVID -19 and other global ailments.

“As a union, SSANU sane and vehement rejects the unbalanced sharing formula and will use all legitimate means to maintain its position on this matter.

“We have asked our members to be vigilant and to collapse the system at any suspicion of payment of deserved benefits using the evil formula,” he said.

The SSANU also called on the federal government to strengthen security in the country, calling the invasion and kidnapping of some people at the University of Abuja unfortunate.

Salaam added that “FG must strengthen its security architecture and put in place strict measures that would ensure the protection of lives and property, while allowing Nigerians to go about their daily business without fear of being attacked in any way. that is. “

The union also stressed the need for the government to make immediate payment of the arrears of the national minimum wage without too much noise.


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