PM Modi says national digital university will solve lack of places and provide education for all


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today spoke at a webinar hosted by the Ministry of Education and Skills Development to explain how the announcements made in the Union Budget 2022 will have a ‘positive impact’ on the education sector.

The Prime Minister said that the younger generation is the future leader of the country. So, empowering today’s young generation means empowering India’s future.

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Stating that the budget for 2022-23 will play a key role in implementing the new education policy on the ground, Prime Minister Modi said the focus has been on 5 things related to the education sector education. The first is the universalization of quality education, the second is skills development, the third is urban planning and design. Fourth is Internationalization – World Class Foreign Universities in India and Fifth is AVGC – Animation Visual Effects Gaming Comic.

Prime Minister Modi said: “This budget will help implement the national education policy. The National Digital University is an unprecedented step. The problem of shortage of places can be solved. There will be unlimited places I urge all stakeholders to ensure that the digital university kicks off as soon as possible.”

Whether it is e-Vidya, One Class One Channel, Digital Labs, Digital University, such an educational infrastructure will help young people a lot. It is an attempt to provide better solutions for education to all, be it villages, poor, Dalits, backwards, tribes, in the socio-economic configuration of the world. ‘India.

Prime Minister Modi also said that education in the direction of sign language is also continuously improved so that there is no digital divide. Prime Minister Modi said digital connectivity is what has kept our education system alive in this time of global pandemic and the country is witnessing how the digital divide is rapidly narrowing in India.

Prime Minister Modi said: “Innovation ensures our inclusion”.

PM Modi on International Mother Language Day

Speaking on International Mother Language Day, the Prime Minister said mother tongue education is linked to the mental development of children. The teaching of medical and technical education in local languages ​​has begun in many states.

The main objective of the Ministry of Education webinar is to brainstorm with experts from all walks of life on how best to implement the Union budget announcements.

The webinar will feature sessions on different relevant topics and will see the presence of officials from various ministries and state governments, industry representatives, skills development organizations, educators, students and others. experts.

The themes identified for this webinar are “Digital Teacher”, “Digital University”, “Expanding the Reach of a Single Classroom Channel”, “India-Specific Knowledge in Urban Planning and Design”, “Towards strengthening links between industry and skills”, “Developing Educational Institutions in the city of GIFT” and “Strengthening links between industry and skills in AVGC”.

Seven parallel sessions will be conducted on these themes in the webinar. The primary focus of webinar participants will be to come up with action points, general strategies, and timelines for implementing the budget announcements.


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