Salenah Cartier becomes University of Houston’s youngest graduate


After earning her Masters in Education this semester, Salenah cartier became the University of Houston’s youngest graduate for the second year in a row.

Cartier first registered at U of H at the age of 14. But she told ABC 13 that none of her classmates realized how young she was.

“No one knew how old I was,” Cartier said. “In fact, no one knew. So I was able to integrate myself. I made quite a few friends. I think my university experience was pretty normal actually.

Three years later, she received a BA in Psychology and a Certificate in Business Entrepreneurship from the Bower College of Business.

She was later accepted into the College of Education’s Masters program, which she began in January. Last weekend, she completed the program and earned a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Teaching, with a focus on learning design and technology.

“While I was recognized last year as the youngest graduate of my bachelor’s degree, the graduation took place online,” she shared in an Instagram post. “Being in person this year has been a surreal experience.”

Cartier demonstrated unique academic prowess from the age of two, when she started reading. By the age of three, she was able to solve complex math problems on her own.

At the age of seven, the Houston native took a school test at the eighth grade level. She thanks her mother for supporting her decision to follow such an unconventional educational path.

“When I started my graduate studies I really didn’t know what to expect,” Cartier said of his most recent achievement. “I just knew I was up to the challenge. In fact, I remember being told that my plan to complete a two-year program in one year starting in the spring semester was insane and just wasn’t possible (which would have been true if I had not taken 5 courses during my first semester). Well, not only was I able to hit my goal, I was able to achieve and maintain a GPA of 4.0. “


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