Syracuse University and JMA Wireless Announce Naming Rights Partnership, Ushering in Era of JMA Wireless Dome


Syracuse University and JMA Wireless (JMA) announced on May 19 a 10-year partnership for the naming rights to the university’s iconic on-campus stadium. For the first time since the site opened in 1980, the stadium will have a new name, the second in its history: the JMA Wireless Dome, called JMA Dome. The two central New York organizations, which together employ more than 6,500 people locally, also announced that Syracuse-based JMA will support the Dome’s digital infrastructure transformation by establishing the most advanced connectivity offerings for fans and other users at the Dome.

Chancellor Kent D. Syverud

“This is an exciting time for Syracuse University, Syracuse Athletics and the entire Central New York community,” Chancellor Kent Syverud said. “With JMA Wireless as a new naming partner, our University community, student-athletes and fans can expect a world-class event experience unlike anything they have ever seen before at the University. of Syracuse. I am grateful to JMA Founder and CEO John Mezzalingua for his partnership and vision. Its investment in the city of Syracuse and downtown New York will pay dividends for years to come in the form of economic vitality, career opportunities for local residents, and cutting-edge technological innovations in our region. We share JMA’s commitment to the City of Syracuse and Central New York and look forward to seeing the positive impact our partnership will have on our local community.

JMA, a global leader in 5G wireless technology, continues to experience phenomenal growth and was recently contracted to supply 5G equipment for SoFi Stadium, the state-of-the-art stadium in Inglewood, California that hosted Super Bowl LVI. in 2022. The 10-year-old company is expanding its presence with the opening of its new 5G campus in the city of Syracuse, located in the former Coyne Textile building on Cortland Avenue in the south side of the city. Mezzalingua, a native of central New York, is proud of the role his company will play in transforming the stadium experience for the Orange community.

“Today marks the start of a new era for the Dome, Syracuse University and JMA,” Mezzalingua said. “Our company’s ties to the city and the university run deep. I remember when Syracuse redefined college athletics with the Dome, a unique venue that ushered in an unprecedented period of success for Syracuse sports. With this partnership, we once again have the opportunity to be a leader. The Dome will have the most advanced 5G network of any college stadium, connecting fans like never before. It will also enable powerful new augmented reality training systems, advanced coaching tools and sensor-based performance optimization to attract elite athletes and help Syracuse win. The JMA Dome has an incredibly bright future ahead of it, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

carrier dome

In April, Syracuse University announced that after a 40-year partnership, Carrier and the university had reached an agreement to allow Syracuse to rename its stadium. Carrier’s historic donation in 1979 represented the first naming deal for a major college sports stadium and one of the first in any sport. Also in April, the University announced that it would begin the next phase of its work to improve, elevate and expand the stadium experience.

This latest phase of renovations will build on the recently completed $118 million Dome transformation, funded entirely by the University and private philanthropy. These renovations, which included a new fixed roof, a vertically suspended scoreboard – the largest in varsity sports, the installation of air conditioning and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, improved the visitor experience and further positioned the venue and Central New York to compete nationally for major NCAA concerts, events and regional competitions.

John Wildhack, Director of Athletics, said The Dome, the only collegiate athletic venue in the nation that hosts five athletic programs, will benefit immensely from JMA’s participation. Wildhack is particularly happy that fans have an elevated gaming experience.

“Our fans have an unparalleled passion for all things Orange and they want to show it by sharing their experiences in real time on their social networks. They also want to be able to check the scores of other games, send text messages to their fellow fans and scroll through relevant content. This can be achieved seamlessly with access to the 5G capabilities and media services that will be available under the roof of the Dome,” says Wildhack. “Not only does this add to the excitement of participating in sporting events, but being at the forefront of athletics in this way helps us attract and recruit top varsity athletes because it shows our commitment to the short and long-term success of our program.”

In addition to upgrading the entire digital infrastructure, the next phase of renovation includes a complete redevelopment of the entire site and the construction of an on-site, publicly accessible event facility.

“I’ve been here since the Dome was first imagined and designed, and I’ve never been more excited about what the future holds,” says Pete Sala, vice president and campus facilities manager. . “With the support of JMA Wireless and with our other renovation partners, the legacy of the Dome’s unique and special nature is cemented forever.”

For more than 40 years, the Dome has served as a catalyst for economic activity to benefit the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County and the Central New York area. Each year, more than 935,000 visitors attend events at the Dome, including concerts, college and professional sports competitions, and family entertainment. The Dome, a year-round venue, also hosts local and statewide sporting events, music competitions, and other community-oriented activities. Dome events and operations contribute more than $240 million in revenue to the Central New York economy and support more than 5,000 local jobs.

As the University previously announced, as part of upcoming renovations, Syracuse University will take additional steps to further stimulate economic activity in Central New York and support area residents and communities. . These include donating the benches removed, introducing a local apprenticeship program and free use of the facility for training emergency services.

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