Texas Tech invites SFA to join the university system


LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — The Stephen F. Austin State University Board of Trustees, along with various academic groups and institutions, have sent out a comprehensive set of questions for Texas Tech to answer regarding affiliation. Tech has since provided an answer.

The list of questions asked by Texas Tech ranged from resource allocation to program autonomy, staff salaries and benefits, and preserving SFA’s unique identity post-integration.

A question posed by the Dean’s Council asked why Texas Tech was interested in SFA and how Tech saw SFA adding value to the system.

Texas Tech replied “Partnering with Stephen F. Austin State University is an opportunity to affiliate with a distinguished institution that would complement and enhance the profile and nationally recognized brand strength of the TTU system. We believe that our cultures harmonize well and that we are united in our mission and in the communities we serve. “

“Partnering with SFA would give the TTU system a presence in a new part of the state, allowing the system to serve the entire state of Texas, from the westernmost point in El Paso to the eastern border of the state, with SFA as the shining star of the system in the Deep East Texas region. This means increased impact and awareness of our entire system and every institution within it.”

“Most importantly, the areas that align between our institutions will allow us to find additional ways to support each other, our communities and our state. The SFA and the TTU system share, among other things, a commitment to serving our regional and rural communities. As SFA, we have a deep knowledge and proven track record of meeting the needs of rural Texas.

“SFA has a storied history with a strong base of passionate alumni, dedicated supporters and incredible staff and students who will continue to build on the legacy of excellence that 100 years has established. We believe we could help build SFA’s success as it enters its next century.

Tedd L. Mitchell, current Tech University System Chancellor and Stephen F. Austin alumni weighed in on the potential affiliation saying, “As a proud alumnus of @SFASU, it is an honor and a privilege to invite SFA to become a member of the @TTUSystem.

“Lumberjacks would be our flag bearer in East Texas, bringing and gaining value and strength by joining our family of systems. #AxEm x #RaiseTheAxe.

Texas Tech isn’t the only university system to offer Stephen F. Austin an affiliation. SFA also received offers from the University Systems of Texas A&M, the University of Texas and the State of Texas. All responded to questions from the SFA regarding the merits of membership.

Texas Tech’s university system was last expanded in 2021 with the inclusion of Midwestern State University, enacted by State House Bill 1522. Tech’s university system also includes Angelo State University, which left the Texas State University System in 2007, and Texas Tech Health Sciences Center El Paso which joined the system in 2013.


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