The Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Lagos officially launches the Alumni Association



The seven-person executive committee includes exceptional and high-performing alumni in the field, and was created to help ensure the sustainability of the department and of the students going through the system. The association which will be led by Mr. Tolulope Adeusi, founder of Executive One Capital Services Limited and COO of TGM Education and the TG Marchnata group of companies, includes other leading professionals in the field such as Dr Rosemary Omoayena Odunbaku, the Human Settlements Officer of UN-Habitat (Kenya) as Vice-President; Dr Folayele Oluyemi Akindeju, as Secretary General; Ms. Damilola Odekunle, like Deputy General Secretary ; Mr. Olubola Oluwole, co-founder and COO of Top Rank Images Limited as media and advertising secretary; Mr. Richard Unuigboje, as Assistant Secretary for Media and Publicity; and Ms. Damilola Oluwo, as financial secretary.

The association aims to bridge the gap between the institution, professionals and the workplace through initiatives such as support for career preparation, internships and training apprenticeships.

The occasion marked by the presence of Tpl. Olutoyin Ayinde, National President of the National Institute of Urbanism (NITP), ably represented by Dr Olanrewaju Kazeem Bakinson fnitp, Vice President of Lagos State Section and Technical Assistant to the Special Advisor on e-GIS and Physical Planning to the Governor of Lagos State, created a special opportunity for alumni liaison long-time and recent graduates. He reminded the latter that they were not alone and that as members of the association, they would always have a community supporting their career development.

The Acting Head of Department, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Lagos, Associate Professor (Dr) Wale Alade, who conceived the idea of ​​creating an association that could help move the department forward and equip existing students and graduates with important tools to compete on a global scale, expressed gratitude to former members for their cooperation in making the launch possible and also called on all members to contribute to the sustainable progress of the department.

In his address, the newly appointed President, Mr. Tolulope Adeusi noted: “This opportunity is an opportunity for all members to benefit from each other’s experience and network. I have personally witnessed the very ambitious and committed faculty whose courage, hard work and dedication have helped produce brilliant students who have reached heights of achievement and established themselves in the industry. Our collective goal as an association is to make the education offered by this great department and the university even better. Our aim will be to provide a supportive environment for new graduates, young professionals and the academic community, so that collectively we can have a better society, a better student experience and a better learning institute.

Joining the event virtually from Nairobi, Kenya, the appointed Vice President, Dr Rosemary Omoayena Odunbaku, congratulated all the alumni of the department for having become great leaders in their fields. She said, “Even those who do not practice town planning have been able to translate their learning into their respective companies, becoming precursors in the chosen paths. In addition, I would like to congratulate the executive committee and the head of department, Dr Wale Alade, for this remarkable step, confident that we will continue and show the strength and value of this great department.

The event ended with the announcement of donations from alumni association members to wholeheartedly support the organization’s goals and fundraising efforts. The funds, as announced, would be used to equip the university department with state-of-the-art equipment and ensure that it remains the main urban and regional planning institution in the country.



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