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By Tori Lynn Hoke
Boston University Press Service

After three years of inspiration as messengers of good news, Rhesa Teesdale, a junior at Babson College, is enjoying the growing success of her clothing brand, Prophet Envoy.

Rhesa Teesdale was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and is pursuing a major in entrepreneurship and consulting. He co-founded Prophet Envoy in 2019, during his freshman year of college, and became the sole owner of the company after four months in business.

Prophet Envoy is a streetwear brand that aims to inspire and motivate the community through peaceful imagery on premium apparel. The central theme of the company is “the messenger of good news”. Teesdale’s Christian faith plays a big role in Prophet Envoy’s designs, but the company incorporates inspirational quotes and Bible verses into its products.

When Teesdale took over ownership of Prophet Envoy, he had his doubts about the business, as he wasn’t sure everyone would like his vision. He considered giving up on that dream, but Teesdale’s dad shared crucial business advice that changed his perspective on the whole process.

“Son, I’ve been there, and I can sympathize with you, but you’re going to see some growth if you keep working hard,” Teesdale’s father said.

So when the pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown in March 2020, Teesdale saw it as an opportunity to take his dad’s advice and act on it. He consciously decided to use his free time during the lockdown to focus his energy on starting and running the business.

“Lockdown gave me so much time to research and market. I was already at home, and being on social media so much, I was like, ‘What can I do to grow this business? ?’ I would look at product quality and consumer behavior for brands that mean a lot to me. How does Nike do? How does Urban Outfitters do? It was deep dives for hours, sometimes until 4 a.m. “, said Teesdale. “This research process was the springboard.

For the first two years in business, Teesdale did everything on its own. From the marketing of its products to the processing and packaging of each order.

” It was hard. The success of the brand really depends on your mood and your productivity during the day. But, now that Prophet Envoy is becoming a success, I’m okay with doing it all myself because I see my vision better than anyone else,” Teesdale said.

Like any other startup, Prophet Envoy did not experience immediate success. However, that did not stop Teesdale from pushing the business forward.

According to Teesdale, the company did not experience substantial growth until September 2020. Teesdale used social media as a marketing tool to help the brand grow and reach a wider audience. With the help of TikTok and Instagram Reels, sales of Prophet Envoy grew exponentially in April 2021.

“Social media is a serious, untapped free resource for getting your name out there,” Teesdale said.

Teesdale also plans to return to YouTube this year and create content with business advice. Additionally, he plans to leverage his social media platform to inspire other young entrepreneurs.

“There’s a lot in the story that made this brand what it is, but I enjoy every minute of it. I was passionate about fashion and business, and even though I haven’t seen a results right away, I kept going,” Teesdale said.

Teesdale’s dedication to Prophet Envoy is a story of resilience, and he plans to continue to pursue that passion. He is currently working on new designs for the company, focusing on positive imagery to help the company spread motivation and inspiration. He also hopes to take the business globally.

According to Teesdale, he has no regrets. He is grateful for everything that has happened over the past three years, as it has been a learning experience.

“Don’t count yourself out too soon,” Teesdale said.

He firmly believes that everything happens for a reason, and he believes that he and the company are stronger for it. He hopes his story with the Prophet Envoy will inspire others to pursue their dreams and work towards them continuously.


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