Touro College and University System to Establish Montana Medical School


The leaders of Touro and Benefis inaugurate the new faculty of medicine.

Montana is facing a health care crisis, with 11 of the state’s 56 counties without a practicing physician and 52 counties identified as areas with a shortage of health professions. Establishing a medical school in the state would significantly address this great need, as studies show that 39% of physicians practice in the state where they completed medical school.

“The mission of the schools of osteopathic medicine in Touro is to train osteopathic doctors, with particular emphasis on the practice of medicine in underserved communities, and to increase the number of under-represented minorities in medicine”, said Dr Alan Kadish, president of the Touro College and University System.

“By creating a medical school in Montana, we will not only respond to the state’s rural health crisis, but also provide medical education opportunities and access to care for its tribal population,” said Patricia Salkin , Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs, Touro College and University System. About 30% of the current student body at the schools of osteopathic medicine in Touro is made up of under-represented minorities and 55% of graduates practice in underserved communities.

“Our presence in Great Falls is a testament to our institutional vision of providing exceptional educational opportunities in the areas where they are needed and to the people who will truly benefit from our expertise,” said Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka, Executive Vice President, Touro College and University System.

Touro College Montana will expand the existing national footprint of the premier medical school university system which currently includes one allopathic medical school, New York Medical College, and four osteopathic medicine colleges located in Nevada, California, and Harlem and Middletown. , New York. Currently, 60% of graduates from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine enter the primary care field.

“What happens in osteopathic medicine schools in general is that there is a much higher percentage of primary care physicians and these physicians tend to work in smaller communities in rural areas,” said John Goodnow, CEO of Benefis Health System.

“Primary care physicians are essential to managing the continuing care needs of Montana’s aging population with chronic health conditions, and they are essential to managing care throughout rural Montana,” said the Dr Paul Dolan, Chief Medical Officer at Benefis Health System. “We expect the demand for physicians to increase by almost 20% over the next five years. The partnership with a reputable institution such as the University of Touro gives me great hope for the future of care in Montana.

According to the Montana American Indian Caucus, the shortage of medical personnel in the state is critical for tribal health facilities and the severe health disparities facing tribal communities must be addressed.

Great Falls Touro College will be located on 26th Street South, adjacent to the Benefis East campus. The start of academic offers is scheduled for fall 2023.


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