UMaine Farmington faculty say they don’t trust the chancellor of the university system


University of Maine Farmington faculty cast the third vote of no confidence in UMaine system chancellor Dannel Malloy on Wednesday, joining colleagues at the University of Maine at Augusta and the University of Southern Maine, who cast votes of no confidence in the system leader last week.

The UMF vote followed the firing of nine professors. The school is losing 18 teachers in total because nine others have accepted early retirement packages.

The UMF faculty senate resolution cited the cuts at Farmington, driven by budget shortfalls and declining enrollment. He also cited a development that spurred votes of no confidence on Augusta and southern Maine campuses — the university system’s handling of a recent search for the new head of the University of Maine at Augusta.

Sarah Hardy, chair of the UMF faculty senate and professor of mathematics, said the vote “was not taken lightly.”

“We seek to strengthen [students] to follow their conscience and speak and act with conviction,” she said. “This is the process the Faculty Senate modeled in its nearly week-long deliberations before arriving at its vote of no confidence in Chancellor Malloy.”

The Senate resolution says the faculty cuts have gutted UMF’s humanities department and threatened other liberal arts programs. According to the resolution, all faculties of world languages, philosophy and religion, as well as women’s and gender studies programs were abolished.

“The nature and scope of these cuts threaten UMF’s identity and mission as a liberal arts college specializing in teacher education, and prevent students in multiple programs from completing their majors at their institution. original”, says the resolution.

This vote came a week after the WBU vote and just days after the USM vote.

The vote of no confidence at WBU came after it was revealed that critical information about the man selected to lead the university had been withheld from the search committee that selected him.

The College Senate and student government at the State University of New York in Delhi, where new WBU President Michael Laliberte has led since 2016, issued votes of no confidence in Laliberte’s leadership there. less than a year old.

But Malloy and Sven Bartholomew, the system administrator who headed the search committee, did not tell the rest of the search committee about the vote of no confidence. Both have since said they regret not sharing the information, which they withheld at the request of an outside consultant guiding the research.

In a statement Wednesday, Malloy echoed what he said in reaction to the WBU and USM votes.

“I understand that they are reacting to the very difficult decisions and challenges facing the UMF. My promise is to continue to work with faculty, staff, campus management, and most importantly, students to protect the unique, high-quality college experience offered by the University of Maine at Farmington,” Malloy said. .

Addressing the UMF cuts, Malloy said he was accountable to the administrators of the university system.

“I know it’s difficult and I know there will be those who disagree with this course of action,” he said. “I am responsible for my decision to approve this plan, no matter how difficult, and I understand that it is my responsibility to implement the vision and strategies set out by the Board of Directors, even when it requires incredibly difficult choices.”


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