University of Southern Illinois Board of Trustees Approves Raises for Carbondale Employees | New



The Southern Illinois University System has approved a salary increase plan for employees, including a 2% increase for SIU Carbondale employees.

The board met Thursday at the Southern Illinois University System Office via Zoom and YouTube. During the meeting, the Board of Trustees formally adopted the university’s budget for the fiscal year and established financial plans for the operating and capital budgets for the coming year.

The salary increase plan has been approved as part of the current budget. As part of the plan, effective October 1, eligible employees at SIU Carbondale and SIU System offices will receive increases of 2%, according to a press release from the SIU System.

Eligible employees at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine will receive a 2.5% raise, the press release said.

At the Edwardsville SIU, eligible employees were also approved to receive 2% increases, but their increases took effect July 1.

According to a press release from the SIU system, the plan does not take into account wage changes established by collective bargaining.

“The fact that the board of directors is able to approve salary increases is a sure sign that our campuses have made sound financial decisions. With an ongoing outlook for stable public funding and smart budget planning, we hope that we can continue to offer adjustments to our dedicated employees, ”SIU System Chairman Dan Mahony said in a statement on Friday.

To watch the presentations from the SIU Board of Directors meeting, visit the council’s YouTube channel.



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