University of Ulster conducts Healthy Aging Benchmark at NI


The Northern Ireland consortium, led by the University of Ulster, has been awarded £50,000 through the Connected Places Catapult, ‘Homes for Healthy Aging Programme’.

Northern Ireland has the fastest aging population of British nations and there is a strong push to improve care for the elderly. Connected Places Catapult funding enables the NI Consortium to support local testbeds that involve real-world urban and rural environments.

The consortium is made up of partners from the University of Ulster, Connected Health Innovation Center (CHIC), Queen’s University Belfast, Age NI, Belfast City Council, Public Health Agency NI, The Health Innovation Research Alliance (HIRANI) and Market Development Association (MDA).

The testbeds will cover three key questions:

  • How to Create Tailored Approaches That Enable Seniors to Develop Meaningful Connections
  • How to rebuild confidence and positive habits for seniors who have lost social activities or hobbies due to COVID-19
  • How to Remove Barriers to Connecting Online for Seniors Who Would Benefit from a Digital Connection

Project leader Professor Joan Condell, University of Ulster, commented:

“The Northern Ireland Consortium is delighted to be working alongside Catapult on the delivery of its Homes for Healthy Aging testbed program in Northern Ireland. The testbed helps local SMEs meet the needs of healthy aging through their products and services.

“Harnessing the power of innovation and the breadth of expertise across Northern Ireland, this project will provide solutions to real-world problems and help older people live longer in their own homes.

Five SMEs have been selected to participate in the testbed:

Ethel’s Care – Help health and care organizations manage large cohorts of vulnerable people in their homes for greater independence by providing remote care and support through their digital platform.

Kraydel – Developed ‘Kraydel Konnect’, a TV-based service providing social connectivity and IoT-based monitoring for health, well-being and independence.

flourishing AI – Helps caregivers support older adults by enabling integrated care communication, coordination and monitoring supported by machine learning (ML) and AI delivered through a digital app.

Precious time – Harness multiple technologies in one easy-to-use digital app to reduce loneliness for seniors by keeping families in touch with loved ones.

walk with path – Using wearable devices, Walk with Path can provide patients and clinicians with direct feedback that helps prescribe personalized care and support to reduce the risk of trips and falls.


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