West Point in the lead for Cedarville University ROTC students



Backpacks are military backpacks for carrying equipment and weigh approximately 50 pounds.

The ranger squad formed after the first week’s practice in August 2021. Since then, they have been training five days a week at 6 a.m., alongside the extra practice on Saturday. This year’s squad was particularly inexperienced, with two members having experience in rangers competition.

The Cedarville team competed in the competition under the direction of Central State University, which is the host school for this region of southwestern Ohio. Since not all higher education institutions have enough cadets to form their own teams, host schools are designated for students from surrounding universities.

However, each member of the winning team was a student at Cedarville University, the statement said.

McCall first competed in the Ranger Challenger Brigade – and won – in the fall of 2018, when he was in his freshman year.

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“Winning this competition for the second time is like I’m part of a legacy,” said McCall.

The Rangers team are actively training for the Sandhurst International competition at West Point Academy, which will take place during the last week of April 2022, according to the press release.

During the two-day competition, Cedarville will face teams from military academies, the top two schools from each regional ranger competition, Australia, Britain, South Korea and more, according to the release. .



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